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  • 執筆者の写真Kunizane Kaneda

Why I Make Japanese Swords.

The era of the samurai is over, and the Japanese sword has ceased to be a weapon in modern times.

It used to be a symbol of the samurai's power, a sign of pride, and a talisman to protect the weak, and was given as a gift for celebrations such as the birth or marriage of a child, or as a reward for subordinates who had distinguished themselves in battle.

It has been a long time since the samurai disappeared, but Japanese swords continue to be made today. They are made with the hope that they will support the hearts and pride of the people who hold them, and be a guardian of their lives.

As a child, I read my master's books and learned about this world, and was fascinated by Japanese swords and the lives of the craftsmen who made them.

And I followed my longing and spent ten years in training under my master.

Now that I am independent from my master, I am striving to create more attractive Japanese swords.

I hope that the swords produced at our forge will be a lifelong companion for their owners, and we will make every effort to produce them with sincerity.






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